Monday, October 17, 2011

Off to Kiabakari!

Hello Everyone-

Just wanted to update you - tomorrow is my last day here in Arusha- I've been here for almost three weeks! It's crazy, makes me feel like my few months in Rwanda was so little! (but of course I still cherish that time!) Wednesday I will leave Arusha (Tuesday night- back home..) to fly (!) to Musoma where the Norwegian missionary at Kiabakari Bible College will pick me up. I found out today I will have to pay for some of my luggage, but I think it will be easiest to take it now, then I can get settled and bring a smaller bag back with me for language school- not that you all need to know that... haha

So-- tomorrow will be a day of getting my stuff organized ending with a great dinner with lots of good friends/ volunteers I have met here in Arusha- look forward to it, I have decided they will make it feel a little more lonely in Kiabakari- until I get settled (hopefully!)

Things in Arusha are still good-there was some sort of stomach virus-thingy- going around and I was lucky to catch some of it- but after not eating too much for a day or two and sleeping in until noon (I got up at 8 and fell back asleep.. next time I rolled over it was noon...whoops..) Now I am fine- In fact I ate half a donut today- it was great :-) I am sure gonna miss fancy donuts-as many of you know ;-) ! I played my oboe in church with Linda yesterday - which was wonderful, glad she asked me to do so- I am very glad that I brought my oboe with me - I think it will be really nice in my house to play when I need something enjoyable to do!! :-) Especially since I realized I moved to Tanzania for my first experience of living in a house by myself... (yes, I realized I have never lived alone!) Most people just get an apartment by friends, but decided to move here! :-) we'll see, I am thinking it was a good decision!

I have already posted the address to my school - I also have a mobile phone number (which you can get from my parents or email me for!) - -and my email is feel free to email me- I bought a modem that plugs into the USB port of my computer and it will run through the mobile phone company here so I will be able to check emails and will probably save in them in word documents and respond (since it will be a prepaid sort of thing) I also promise to update my blog still!) I am not sure how much I will be getting electricity either- so I may try to limit computer time some-- I am not sure! I have a lot of unknowns and am keeping a very open mind - they'll all be answered soon enough and I cannot wait :-) Whatever it will bring - will be good, God is good - can't wait to meet my new neighbors and community for the next two years.

Salama everyone (peace)


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  1. Annie, seems like you're acclimating just great to Tanzania. Your stories are making me homesick for Arusha!

    Looking forward to reading about more of your adventures. Take care.