Friday, October 14, 2011

Let it RAIN!!

I have been told that I have brought the rain here to Tanzania- it has been raining a LOT here in Arusha- so much that it actually feels cold – can you believe it ?? I can’t – but I have spent a couple nights cuddled in my fleece and now have enjoyed two lovely fires ☺ (now if that isn’t Minnesotan starting with talking about the weather I don’t know what is..)

Anyways – Things are still going well here in Arusha I think I found a flight to go up to Musoma on Wednesday Oct- 19th! So prayers that will work out and for safe travel please! I am getting excited to go up there- see my new home and unpack and get settled in my house! I was talking to a good friend here Jenny today and realized I have never lived in a house by myself... (Holy. Cow.) - - To add to that I realize I have been making such great friends here.. that it may make the transition hard.. just with the loneliness factor.. Needless to say, it will take adjusting to no matter what.

Mark and Linda Jacobson ... Two EXTREMELY wonderful ELCA missionaries (and well just people) here in Arusha Tanzania, who I have been extremely blessed to stay with during my time here in Arusha. They are just wonderful I realized I didn’t give them enough mention in my last post. I feel like I have family here in Tanzania and it’s been SO wonderful spending time with them. I started calling Linda Lucy and I’m Ethel, because apparently Thelma and Louise are too violent.... according to Linda ;-) We’re becoming great friends...

What’s new here : I went to ICTR!!! The UN International Tribunal Court for the Rwandan Genocide! I was SO excited to go– (yes I am a bit of a dork..)... it was interesting. I only got to go in for a little because it became a closed court after 20 minutes (to protect the defense witness..) Then another hour and a half later I got in for 20 more minutes. It was a tad disappointing BUT.. somehow I almost expected that a bit.. anyways glad I got to go experience it some.

What else, I am not losing any weight – I have been eating lots of good food- and lots of not so healthy food- you name it – DONUTS! (can you believe it – one was even iced and another was sugar coated...) Tacos- Ice cream- Ethiopian- Stoney Tangawizii (strong ginger soda ☺ ) - Indian Food- Pizza- - and all of Linda’s great cooking – I helped make French toast this morning (holiday ☺ ) Yes- I am being serious – I do however, think things will change when I move out of Arusha- I believe I will expect lots of Ugali and beans! (But that’s tasty too! So.. no weight loss for me people – mom – don’t worry ;-)

I have gotten my bearings around town by now which is quite nice- I feel like I can figure things out and find places if/ when I need which is nice – I walked around town myself and did a few errands. It was good- On one of my trips, I got proposed to, which was nice- I was flattered by being called beautiful many times... - - don’t worry though I showed him my “engagement” ring, and he sadly said ohhh it’s too late for you .. and then proceeded to ask my friend if she was married hahaha - -(no..I am not proposed to everywhere..but it does happen sometimes.. so far I am only at one!) In other news - - I jammed to the backstreet boys in a taxi with some friends, have made lots of friends, had many great discussions, made a fool out of myself many times ;-), used a squat toilet (which if I need to get used to that in my home I need to learn to go faster .. what a quad work out!), went to a movie (Captain America hahaha) and have played my oboe some already – even with piano –thanks Linda - (I am already SO happy I brought it – can’t imagine how much I will enjoy it in my house up north! ☺ )

Mungu ni mwema – God is good! I am so thankful for what I have in my life – also for this opportunity- can’t wait to see what else it will bring me. I am also so thankful for the wonderful people I have already met here in Arusah- it has been great – Mungu ni mwema – Thanks to all my wonderful friends for the emails- once I move out to Kiabakari- that will be much appreciated and probably the easiest form of communication – I have a USB stick that’s a prepay internet service thing- - otherwise I have my phone number : +255 – Country code) 0786017592! There’s a pretty decent rate at (MUCH cheaper than skyp calling from skype credit to phone.. TRUST ME!) if you want to try using it and have questions ask!!

Much love to you all – Salama (peace)


Swahili Lesson of the post: Pole – (Poh- Lay) means sorry, or I sympathize or anything happening bad news people say pole- It’s used quite a lot.. however.. if you say Pole Pole.. it means slow... don’t make that mistake ;-)!

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  1. Wow...everything sounds wonderful!! Hope everything stays this exciting for you. Good luck and continue to write, it's enjoyable to read :)