Monday, April 23, 2012

Trip to Nairobi!

Hello from Nairobi Everyone- I had the opportunity to come to Nairobi Thursday-Tuesday- although Thursday and Tuesday were full days spent in the car... I took the bus up here on Thursday with another missionary and his two children a trip that included 2 hours in a car, 10.5 on a bus and some various stops along the way. It was a nice trip. Strange things are happening to me... Strange experience one:Friday I got up, put on my trousers- pants... Ahh- it was so strange! I haven't worn trousers for a few months now, and I felt naked in them! I slowly got used to them again.. Weird Strange experience number two: Where I am staying I could drink water from the taps- and brush my teeth from it- I was terrified at first so I drank just a tad to know if it'd make me super sick... but it did't- so then I thoroughly enjoyed it.. Strange experience number three: Shopping. Holy Cow. Shopping MALLS- huge- multi-level- stores apple stores, I went into a large supermarket and felt like everything was so foreign, 15 kinds of toothpaste?! what is this! There were things I didn't recognize and by the end I just left without seeing the whole store, because I was a tad overwhelmed... (but I did buy me some apples, oreos, and cockroach killer..) Strange experience number four: HOT shower...okay not strange, more wonderful.. it's nice almost not to have it- to know what I'm missing- because truly.. it's not a big deal to have a hot shower, just something extra that's nice.. Strange/Awesome/ Amazing experience number five: Getting internet to work so I could watch my best friend Carly Tonkin turn into Carly Peet-- PLUS getting to watch it together with friends in Hong Kong and be able to chat with them during the wedding! Strange/Horrible Experience Six: Getting SO sick that I wished death upon myself a few times.. Came out of nowhere had AWFUL fevers that would spike quickly.. plus spending some quality time on the bathroom floor.. an entire day in bed... meaning prolonging our return trip to Kiabakari because I was to ill to travel... That being said- I've been mostly upright 70% of the day today- fever free 90%- ate some and thus we will return to kiabakari tomorrow- It's been real interesting.. until next time Nairobi... ~Annie PS- Carly and Dave- Hongera SANA!! (congrats!)

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