Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Chapter to this Adventue!

Hello Everyone!

Greetings to you from Musom! I am here now traveling with a delegation here from the Maryland-Deleware Syond.. I forgot to update telling everyone I was leaving my home for the past 4 months (Arusha) because I found out on short notice and was quite busy figuring out transportation/ packing/ and saying goodbye to my Arusha family- well so long for now anyways!

Musoma is good- I think there are definitely more mosquitos here than Arusha with the Lake nearby- woohoo! But.. as my Journey/ Ox friends know I’m horrible at wearing Mosquito spray.. so still have yet to use it in the 4 months since I’ve been here... oops.. haha good thing I packed 4 bottles! Maybe I’ll start... labda (maybe).

Anyways- I’ve been traveling with the delegation we’ve been all over the Mara diocese – we went to a village in Mugumu (4 hours from here inside the Serengeti) – Bunda Hospital ( I stayed out of the maternity ward this time after the last - ) Rusoli- and Kiabakari!! : -) I must say in all this travel I am SO happy to have my Swahili training... Even though I feel quite inadequate at times- I am able to understand a lot of parts of church services/ meetings and am able to hold conversations (unless the person things- ah she’s fluent and starts speaking quickly.. then I nod a lot and say ndiyo- yes...) haha hope I’m not agreeing to anything too crazy! Most people tell me I am doing really well though so that’s nice- since really from here on out it will be what I am using to communicate primarily—gulp!

I am pleased to tell you all how happy I am after my visit to the school- It was amazing – So good to see some of the coworkers I Had previously met. Also – there are 2 new young families at the school 1 from Denmark (Sonja I’m sure you’re happy about that : - ) and one from Norway- so we may be speaking Swahili with each other too! They were very nice and welcoming- so I’m really happy to feel like we’ll have a good staff Kiabakari family. I even saw my house! It’s ready for me to live in! I’m so happy- It’s pretty bare right now- but- after some trips to the market and unpacking ALL my bags finally- I am sure to make it feel somewhat like home.. I’m determined and we all know what happens when I get determined... It WILL BE a home! I’m even going to plant a garden : -) I was telling some of my friends furnishing the house fully may take a bit because we don’t have target or Ikea nearby anywhere- small dukas and markets ( maybe—maybe 1/50 of the size – teehee)- coming home next summer may be quite interesting after almost a year here.

I will move to the school Wednesday when the delegation leaves and I am feeling ready to begin this next stage of the journey. As many of you are aware there have been many complications with everything so far, and I appreciate all your support and prayers over the past four months. I am very happy to move forward from all this – and with grace- (what would we do without it) I am excited for all the parties involved in this partnership to move forward and work together in true accompaniment– Bega kwa bega- .

Thank you again- Bwana Yesu Asifiwe (Praise the Lord)-


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  1. wear insect repellent!! one of our group, mary handrick, who taught health at sandburg ms, got dengue fever by not wearing repellent. the rest of us did and didn't get sick. the dengue mosquitoes bite during the day. otherwise, sounds fun!! dick sherva from minnie-soda.