Sunday, December 11, 2011


Hello everyone-

A quick unpleasant update for you all- - Saturday, while walking through town around 1:30pm, I was mugged on one of the main streets in Arusha Town. I've heard things to this nature are getting worse and worse, and also crime goes up over Christmas time. I thought I was being careful, had my tall friend Cameron with me was holding my (zipped) purse close to my body, but sometimes these things happen. I feel very fortunate I was not hurt, because the thief was swinging a machete at my arm to get me to let go of my purse. I did and yelled Mwizi (thief in swahili) but he got away. (which I figure is okay because the huge crowd that gathered right after may have beat him pretty badly if they caught him- and I don't want that on my conscious).

He didn't get too much exciting maybe $50 in shillings , my phone, a sweater< which my mom told me was bad karma since my dog Toby ripped off a pocket in it right before I left, haha - well good riddance sweater-) and all my swahili materials (which I am bummed about, but I'm sure is a joke on him because he was probably hoping for a computer not swahili notebooks and books). It was pretty upsetting but all in all I'm happy that I'm okay and my friend Cameron was with me, he was very helpful and kept reassuring me that everything in the purse was replaceable. True, story Cameron. So as of right now I do not have a phone but am hoping to get my number back today- will let you know if it changes.

On a brighter note, yesterday I hung out more with Rabies- he followed me all the way to a friends house and then walked me home.. true love... ;-)

Hope you are well,


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  1. I'm just happy you are okay!! I really want to come back in one piece. :) Take it easy, and if I don't talk to you before the 25, Merry Christmas!!