Tuesday, September 27, 2011

So Long- See You Later-

Hello Everyone-

I probably should not have left writing this last message before I take off to the morning I am leaving-- so please bear with me and my frazzled, less sane, sleep deprived brain that I have right now as I write! I want to thank everyone for all of their help, encouragement and support- it makes it even harder knowing the wonderful friends and family I am leaving behind. Guess this means everyone needs to be around when I get back right?! ;-) I thank you all again! If you are looking for ways to support me over the next two years, please- keep in touch! Keep me informed on your life -it would be a great honor and blessing to hear from you all!

My email - abunio@gmail.com -
Phone number -- TBA- but check out callingcards.com (good rates)
Address: Shule ya Biblia Kiabakari,
SLP 100,
Kiabakari, TANZANIA

Take care of yourselves!! I will be missing you all!

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  1. Dear Little Sis,
    Glad to hear you made it safely. I hope things are going well for you and that you are able to get settled in easily. I decided to follow your example and started my own blog. It won't be as cool as yours (mostly just me rambling about whats going on in my life and some comments about current events. I am glad that I found your blog so I can harass you easily over the internets :D .

    In more specific news (not trying to make you homesick) it was a very pleasant Fall day today. About 60 degrees and a slight northern wind.

    Guess what else? I went to the doctor to get my heart checked out because it was beating awfully fast for a resting heart rate (about 90 or 95 bpm) Turns out I am anemic (I don't have enough iron in my blood)I am on iron pills now. Yikes that was a long comment maybe I should just email you next time it would be easier.

    Miss you, Take Care
    your "big brother" Jeff